February Round Up

We've been so busy lately that we've kind of fallen off with our Monthly Round Ups. We're excited to tell you, though, that they're back. So let's start 2016 off right (and a little late) with a February Round Up!

@aaronroth pulled his flag from where it usually hangs in his classroom to adventure with it in the great outdoors of Utah.

@dougiejam42 and company explored the coast line of Australia.

@lifeandbeauties reminds us that exploring is for people of all ages! 

@Pacocanela93 standing tall with his flag on the Frenchmen Mountains.

@Nicholas_esposito, his beard, and Death Valley. Oh yeah, and a KE Greyscale tee! 


@Ryanmason14 looks pretty happy to be exploring beautiful Zürich, Switzerland. 

"Hallelujah, it's raining Nalgenes" is right, @madisonwilliamz! 

@nykamping shows us a whole new use for the flag. 

Back-to-back @nykamping because we have a similar hat and it's the best. 

@punky_7 leaving nothing but footprints in the Stockton Sand Dunes. 

Please don't fall @thesecondgleam! We'd never forgive ourselves. 

@teddy_gram96 sums up college life ft. a very tired @jaszypizzazzy in the background. 

@liamkj and his patch looking fresh in the Superstition Mountains.

And we will end on @mrasiantwinkles and @s.arahharris kissing while wrapped in the flag.. because it's the month of love, of course! 

Thanks to everyone who has supported us this year. Keep exploring and keep tagging us in those shots, we love to see all your adventures!