Mineral Wells, Texas

The KE Family drove to Mineral Wells for the weekend to do some exploring in a town we knew little about.


Our intention was to explore the infamous Baker Hotel, built in the 1920's and abandoned in the 60's – the fully boarded up windows and doors kept us from going inside; but the outside was (almost) just as exciting to explore. We'd heard rumors that someone was restoring it, and after talking with a local shop owner, learned that the renovations should be completed by 2020. I guess we will just have to wait four years to go inside! 

After deciding the responsible thing would be to not break through a barred window, we headed on to the next location! This time, we made our way to an abandoned military hospital in Fort Wolters.. 

Okay. Let's just talk about how terrifying this place is and how it literally looks like something from The Walking Dead. There wasn't any question if we would enter though, and Brooke and I lead the way into one of the coolest places we've ever explored. We climbed the three floors and made our way to the roof. From there we were able to cross into the next section of the hospital and found old, wire-framed beds, which were super creepy! 

Sometimes it's the old towns you've passed through a hundred times that are the most rewarding to explore. If you're ever near Mineral Wells, make the extra trip to visit it – you won't regret it! 

Keep exploring, everyone!