Taylor Goes to Australia

Words and Photos by Taylor Todd


Be sure you take time to give back to the land we enjoy. We all want it to be as pristine as possible so that we may enjoy these lands with our children, and for our children to be able to enjoy the land with their children. I traveled to Australia with an organization called International Student Volunteers, and was assigned to work in a team at Waterfall Springs Wildlife Sanctuary. This facility is dedicated to breeding brush-tailed rock wallabies; these animals are endangered with a population of less than 200. While in Australia, my team completed almost 1,000 man hours of labor dedicated to saving the brush-tailed rock wallaby! I am so proud to have been sponsored by KE and to have traveled with International Student Volunteers. The difference we made in the breeding program was substantial, and will contribute greatly to the recovery of this endangered species.

- Taylor Todd

Taylor, we're glad you had an incredible time in Australia! You're the real deal and we're honored to have played a part.

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