Graham White

Words and Photos by Graham White

The idea was simple, take 16 creative’s to Iceland and discover as much of its natural beauty as possible in 8 days. We wanted to create and learn as a team using all of our individual styles and exerties in what is a photographers dream location. I have always traveled with the intent to explore as my primary, and create as an added bonus. The resolve to explore for the purpose of creating gave us tenacity to keep going through sleepless nights and the grit to push the boundaries those last few inches to create something more. Our team from New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut, Canada, South Florida and Iceland packed into 3 land rovers filled to the brim with gear and set off to complete our task.

Our Local guides included Benjamin Hardman originally from Austrailia, and Donal Boyd from Boston. Both had fallen in love with the country and its raw beauty and moved here to explore on a full time basis. We drove the countryside using the Ring Road as our baseline and pulling off wherever we saw potential for something new. Having 18 hours of daylight, with even the darkest hours of the night still bright enough to wonder and photograph, made it hard for us to decide when to end each day. We usually stayed up till the early hours of the morning to catch the incredible sunrise and rest afterwards. We were constantly chasing sunrise and sunset in search of “bangers” which I learned is the term for epic photos apparently.

Each time the car would stop it was a free for all. Everyone was in a mad dash to the nearest spot they saw worthy of taking great shots. We were like kids lost in amazement around every turn. As if we had never seen anything so incredible before. We went through waterfalls, tunnels, caves, black sand beaches, geothermal pools, snow capped mountains, dormant valcanoes, the winding fjords and everything in-between. Around each bend provided a completely new layout and look to freely draw inspiration and create from. It was difficult at times to stop starring in awe and actually take some great photography.

We would look around and then look at each other and simply say “what on earth am I supposed to do with this?” as if there was no way we could capture such beauty or amplify it in any photo. As if it would be a disservice to even attempt such a task. 

- Graham White

Graham White is a travelling photographer and creative based in South Florida. See more of his work on his instagram.