Bethany Goes to Austin

Words and Photos by Bethany LeBeau

There's something to be said for long drives with a good bud. The road trips were spent listening to an odd collection of country, rap, indie, and folk music, staring at thick green corn fields, and talking about life. 

Once in the Hippie-capitol of Texas, we indulged at my favorite Austin-native eat: Torchy's Tacos. Next, we headed west to our main destination Krause Springs; famous for its 32 springs and two 20-foot waterfalls. Sitting under the cool falls and watching Rachel back-plant from the rope swing were some of our favorite memories for sure! That night was a little rough. The 85° weather didn't allow for great tent sleeping, but the fireflies were a pretty sick sight. 

Early the next day we left for Jacobs Well. We were lucky enough to have the spot to ourselves for most of the day. This was absolutely the best part of the trip. After a few jumps from the limestone cliffs, we shot some GoPro footage while exploring the natural Well (supposedly 120 feet deep.) Later that day, we hit up Sewell Park in San Marcos. The spot was pretty gnarly. Gorgeous green grass shaped the winding spring fed river. We spent the afternoon kicking the soccer ball around and jumping in to fight the current.

Definitely couldn't be more thankful for our sponsorship from Keep Exploring. The vision and vibe of Keep Exploring was ABSOLUTELY experienced on our trip. I believe that the beauty and vitality of nature begs to be viewed in a way that changes the viewer. This adventure strengthened our love for the natural world, as hopefully every trip into nature should. Thanks to the Keep Exploring crew for letting us explore the nature and catch the good vibes of Austin. We look forward to sporting the flag on many adventures to come. 

- Bethany and Rachel

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