KE Mission 004

We love small businesses (though we are slightly biased). We love the little stores and cafes in our hometown that make it OUR hometown. Nobody needs another Walgreens no matter how convenient it may be or how overpriced their milk is. This week we want to challenge you to support a local Mom-N-Pop. Find a small storefront, a mechanic, an ice cream vendor, or a dry cleaners. Whatever it is, go find them, give them your money, and value the hard work they put in to make your city better. Bonus points if you ask them their story and share it with all of us on Instagram. This is #KEmission004 and we have high hopes!

We went to our favorite local bookstore and took the greatest adventure of all...reading!

@samanthawuensche got some of the best coffee & donuts in town. And supported two birds with one stone! 

@phillay6 explored around San Francisco supporting Mom-n-Pops left and right!

@mylifephoto getting some Front Porch Frozen Desserts in Round Rock!


 @ibitz Supporting Tarnation Flower Farm in Sugar Hill, NH!

@candus813 Grabbin' a grilled cheese at Andy's Restaurant. Supporting a Mom-N-Pop with your mom is some type on inception and we're glad about it!