KE Mission 003

This week's mission was a doozy! Only two brave souls managed to muster up the courage to Cook By Numbers. The rules were simple: Prepare a meal only using the ingredients from aisles 3, 7, and 9 from your local grocery store. Eat well!

@candus813 says: "We went to our local grocery store and only bought ingredients from aisles 3, 7, & 9. We were able to create a yummy vegetarian tofu, corn, and brown rice concoction. Along with Tupperware, so James can eat it at work.... some animal crackers and orange slices for dessert." 

 @ibitz had a little bit of a harder time.. "Cook By Numbers. We had a bit of a bum deal with aisles 3,7 & 9 in stop and shop. Carbonated beverages, baking supplies/peanut butter & jelly, and the sale aisle which was mostly more prepackaged baking mixes and random condiments. So we ended up with walnut beer bread cupcakes with peanut butter and blueberry jelly, olives on the side and grapefruit seltzer to drink.  We did have to cheat and use the beer for the beer bread. I'm not sure if we were successful or failed here, but mission complete!"