KE Mission 002

Another successful KE Mission! This week we asked you to go out and play tourist in your own town. It is easy to ignore the "tourist traps" in your hometown, so we wanted people to take a look at their city with fresh eyes. Lots of great submissions this week! 

@burlap straight lounging like a tourist and enjoying those sweet city views.

@untilkingdomcome exploring Clifton Mill with her mom!

@krissieglenn chowing down at Flippin' Burgers cafe in her small town of Quinton, Oklahoma.

@jazminantoinette soaking up the Blue Ridge Parkway. Easily one of the prettiest drives in America.

@jakecampbell is well, we're not really sure, but it looks mighty touristy!

@ibitz enjoying an old favorite; Burr Pond.

@caredw climbing Devil's Bridge in Sedona, AZ with her Jr. Explorer by her side!

@candus813 took a tour of the Denton Courthouse and chilled on the lawn downtown. As a fellow Dentonite, I can confirm that this is tourist-approved!

@amesthelames finally stopped by Constant Coffee and Tea.

@alisonwillms collecting seashells in her little tourist town!

Thanks to everyone who participated!