KE Mission 001

Our first KE Mission was a big success! 

This week we asked you to go out and eat somewhere new. To find a small local spot or that hole-in-the-wall restaurant you always drive by but tend to ignore. We had people trying new food all over the place: from barbecue to pie shops. Big thanks to everyone who participated this week! Check out the roundup below!

We feasted on some Cajun / Seafood and stretched our palettes around some fried frog legs.

@TheseBootsWereMadeForTraveling enjoying some fresh bagels from Rocky Mountain Bagel Co. in Canmore, Alberta.

@micharuby supportin' a Texas greasy spoon. Hope you enjoyed the cobbler.

@lizzard98 made the smart choice and chose PIE for her fist mission.

@laneycampbell_ sippin some Hubert's Lemonade and spending time with friends. Good move!

@ibitz drove all the way to New York to enjoy some fresh grub from McEnroe Organic Farm.

@carleigh_black doing it big in Myrtle Beach. That pizza though.

@candus813 grabbing some grub from Denton's best BBQ. This is a local hole-in-the-wall we still haven't tried. Guess we'll get it next time!

@aaronlancelopez Thank goodness somebody got tacos. Tacos always deliver and Casa Galaviz is no exception.